Navigating the digital world as a parent can be tough, especially once your child has a device of their own. Buying your child a phone is giving them a great privilege—one that comes with great opportunities, but also some risks. That’s why you need to be able to trust them to make smart choices with their device. You also need to be able to hold them accountable for the choices they make.

With a smartphone contract, you can clearly establish the rules and etiquette of putting this powerful piece of technology at your child’s fingertips. Ideally, you should have a contract reviewed and signed before your child even has their phone in their hands.

Why? This ensures that your child truly understands the responsibility of having their own phone. They will know what is considered appropriate behavior, and what boundaries they should not cross… and what the consequences will be for crossing them.

KidBridge Smartphone Contract

With KidBridge, it’s easier than ever to establish the rules—and enforce them!

The new and improved KidBridge Smartphone Contract covers a wide range of situations, permissions, and restrictions for your child’s smartphone, such as…

  • Your child will always ask you before they download any apps or games onto their smartphone.
  • Your child will always give human beings priority over their phone! This means it will be silenced or put away in public.
  • Your child will not allow their smartphone to distract them during school or from their studies.
  • A phone is not a tool to tear others down, and your child will not use it as such. Their first priority is to be a good friend, and not gossip or start hurtful conversations.
  • Your child will access the internet only for things that they would share with you. That means no violent or other mature content.
  • Your child will not talk to anyone online or accept friend requests from anyone that they do not know in real life.

… among others!

Most importantly, a smartphone contract allows you to be open about smartphone monitoring. Your contract states why you are monitoring them (for their safety) and that they accept this as a condition of using their phone (no signature—no phone!)

By being open with your child about supervising their activity, you are also in a better position to start conversations with your child about content or situations they may come across. You can teach them how to deal with these issues themselves, protect them when they are unable to protect themselves, and set them up for a lifetime of healthy online habits.

Of course, like any binding agreement, the KidBridge Smartphone Contract should be signed by both parties—you and your child. Each party should also receive a copy. If a violation occurs, you can reference the contract to discuss the violation and the consequences.

A smartphone contract isn’t just about holding your child accountable for poor choices, however. It should also be used as a reward for exhibiting responsible behaviors and continually proving they can be trusted. Ultimately, a contract encourages your child to become a responsible digital citizen—and it’s not meant to last forever.

Revisit the contract at least once a year to discuss your child’s smartphone use, and what freedoms and privileges they may have earned. After all, by the time they are eighteen, they will no longer be a minor who can be shielded from the world by their parents. It’s vital to start early when teaching your child how to navigate the digital world safely and responsibly—and a smartphone contract is the perfect place to start.

Download and print your copy of KidBridge Smartphone Contract today!

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